Ferrari F12 ‘M’ set for added power and tech

The 2016 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has been seen out in the open during testing as reports emerge that it will arrive with added power and upgraded technology in the cabin.

The incoming supercar will likely become ‘M’ badged just as previous models with front-mounted V12 engines have, to show its various updates. Images released in the motoring press show only subtle changes to the F12’s body which means that most revisions will affect the driving experience.

At present the car’s 6.3-litre V12 engine produces a mighty 730bhp which is expected to rise, and tweaks to the unit’s torque and efficiency will no doubt be made too. Meanwhile the chassis is set for revisions that improve handling and ride comfort.

Under the supercar’s skin there will be new materials to enhance the cabin environment, as well as extra advanced technology. Apple’s Carplay connectivity system, which is compatible with iPhones, will be a highlight of the cockpit and bring the F12 Berlinetta in line with the California T and FF.

Developments to the 2016 F12 Berlinetta are clearly at an advanced stage, and you can read about any more updates to the supercar with Lancaster Ferrari. Return to our website soon or contact the team to make an enquiry.

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