Named for its sublimely powerful, eight-cylinder turbocharged engine, the California “T" is the eagerly-awaited addition to the manufacturer's range of convertible grand tourers. The new V8 powertrain supplies 552bhp, whilst also improving fuel economy and lowering carbon emissions. As the manufacturer's first turbocharged vehicle since the F40 of the 1980s, the release of the California T is quite an event for even the most jaded supercar enthusiast.

The new Ferrari California can be discovered in more detail at Lancaster Ferrari in Essex.


The low gravity centre of the California T's low-slung frame, and its sophisticated Electronic Stability Programme, makes it an outstandingly safe ans stable platform if you need to make sudden manoeuvres. The strength of the vehicle's carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes result in an impressive rate of deceleration – they are capable of reducing the vehicle's speed from 62mph to stationary over a distance of just 34 metres. Quick-deploying anti-roll bars, as well as front- and side-impact airbags for the driver and passenger, shield the occupants from harm in the event of a collision.​


The crisp lines and wasp-waisted shape of the California T give a redoubtable first impression, underlining the vigour of its 3.8 litre V8 engine.

A gaping grille, aggressive headlight clusters and double-scooped bonnet presents an assertive front profile.

At the same time, the pinched and sculpted flanks and delicately undulating rear section complete the car's lithe yet muscular silhouette.

The California T's capabilities are again emphasised by the four exhaust pipes and a triple-fence diffuser that enhances its already considerable aerodynamic qualities​

As well as sublime performance and athleticism, this is a vehicle that provides a near-unbeatable level of interior opulence.

An interior swathed in Poltrona Frau leather guarantees comfort for you and your passengers, even on lengthy journeys.


The California T offers drivers a retractable hard-top roof, which opens and closes in a mere 14 seconds to give you the choice between an exhilarating open-top drive or a quiet, pleasantly cocooned one.

With its mighty engine and maximum torque of 755Nm at 4750rpm, the California T can achieve 0-62mph acceleration in just 3.6 seconds, and attain a top speed of 196mph. Yet at the same time, combined fuel consumption has been reduced by 15% compared to the original version of the California.

CO2 emissions have also been cut from 270g/km to 250g/km, diminishing the new model's environmental impact. 

Drivers have access to an advanced interface and infotainment system, in the shape of a touch-sensitive 6.5" screen providing you with access to an array of functions.

Vehicle length 4570 mm / 179.9 in
Vehicle width 1910 mm / 75.2 in
Vehicle height (unladen) 1322 mm / 52.0 in
Wheelbase 2670 mm / 105.1 in
Unladen weight (DIN) 1625 kg / 3583 lb
Engine / Cylinders V8
Max Torque 755 nm @ 4750 rpm
Max Power 412 kW @ 7500 rpm
Top Speed 196 mph
Acceleration 0-60 mph / 3.5 sec
Combined Cycle 26.9 mpg
CO2 250 g/km