To mark the 70th year of the foundation of Ferrari itself, the Prancing Horse has released a car for their most passionate clientele. The Aperta the new limited-edition special series model, so limited in fact that all the cars are already accounted for. A futuristic and extreme car that sits at the top of the supercar category in terms of dynamic performance. And it represents Maranello’s most ambitious project yet to push the boundaries of technology on a road car.​


As you would expect the LeFerrari Aperta comes with the latest safety systems. ESC, Performance anti blockage system/electronic brake balance, F1 Traction Control integrated with the hybrid system and carbon-ceramic braking system (Brembo) brakes on the front and the rear. ​


Without a roof, Ferrari engineers had to focus all their ingenuity on the lower section. Thanks to their boundless skill, LeFerrari Aperta delivers the same torsional rigidity figure as LaFerrari.

In terms of open-top aerodynamic comfort, an innovative integrated system was developed. High-speed air-flow that would usually enter the cabin from top of the windscreen was captured by an angled wind-stop attached to the parcel shelf. ​​

The wind-stop is angled to channel the flow through spaces in the car’s interior structure before exiting at a slower speed behind the passenger seats. This delivers a level of interior comfort in line with other convertibles in the Ferrari range without increasing drag.​​


Due to its HY-KERS system, LeFerrari Aperta is the most high performance and efficient Ferrari ever built. Taking full advantage of Ferrari’s F1 expertise with KERS systems further evolved for use on road cars, the HY-KERS guarantees perfect integration of the V12 and the electric motor, seamlessly combining the advantages of both.​

Its performance figures are comparable to those of the F1 car with the same torque density and the same efficiency (94%), or very limited power dissipation.

The batteries consist of 120 cells assembled into eight modules, with a power output that’s the equivalent of 40 traditional batteries but weighing just 60 kg. Whilst the 6,262 cc V12 is the most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever on a road-going Ferrari.

Technicial Specification

Vehicle length 4907 mm
Vehicle width 1953 mm
Vehicle height 1379 mm
Wheelbase 2990 mm
Unladen Weight1880 kg
Engine / Cylinders V12
Max Torque683 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Max Power 486 kW @ 8000 rpm
Top Speed 208 mph
Acceleration 0-60mph 3.5 sec
CO2 360g/km