The LaFerrari represents the Italian carmaker at its finest; a stunningly beautiful supercar with thrilling performance to match.

As a special edition model, just 449 LaFerrari models will be built, enhancing the already exclusive nature of this mightily impressive performance vehicle.

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Formula 1 engineers were brought in to design the LaFerrari's chassis, with a focus on performance coupled with optimum safety. Maximum rigidity with minimum weight has been achieved, the new model's torsional rigidity now 27 percent stiffer than the Enzo supercar it replaces. The tub that driver and passenger occupy is made of high-strength T800 carbon, with T1000 unidirectional tape and fabric placed where cabin occupants need it the most. This ensures maximum protection along the doors and sills, complemented by the tub's penetration resistant base.​


The LaFerrari's unique design is the result of extensive research into both modern styling and functional aerodynamics. The result is a visually thrilling vehicle that is unmistakably Ferrari.

The supercar's sleek profile enables the hybrid drivetrain to be fitted in complete synergy with all other components, carefully balancing weight proportions to improve performance. At the nose, the headlights sit on flared wheel arches concealing alloy wheels.

Gaping side air intakes have been cut into the gullwing doors, leading to a sculpted rear holding twin dual-exhaust pipes, circular tail-lights and the brand's iconic 'prancing horse' badge.

The cabin is equal to the exterior's aesthetic appeal, and inspiration has clearly been drawn from the cockpit of a Ferrari Formula 1 vehicle. Sports seats grip through corners, and the flat-bottomed steering wheel holds gearshift paddles and various controls.


The LaFerrari is Ferrari's most technologically-advanced project to date, exceeding the expectations of a road car through pioneering advancements.

The model is the first from the carmaker to include hybrid technology, featuring a 6.2-litre V12 engine that produces 790bhp coupled with a 120kW motor.

The HY-KERS system is a road adaptation of that found in Ferrari's race cars, delivering maximum integration between the engine and electric motor.

An intelligent traction control system enables torque to be distributed more effectively to the drive wheels, ensuring maximum traction when cornering.

Vehicle length 47702 mm
Vehicle width 1992 mm
Vehicle height 1116mm
Wheelbase 2650mm
Weight distribution 41% fr, 59% r
Engine / Cylinders 6262cc V12
Maximum Revs 9250 rpm
Max Torque >900Nm
Max Power 800CV @ 9000rpm
Top Speed over 350 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h / < 3 sec
CO2 330g/km