Ferrari Classiche​

Ferrari’s history is rooted in the history of motor racing. It also reflects the history of the evolution of exceptional performance road cars, characterised by bold and unmistakable design and technical solutions derived from the racing world.

These cars, created in Ferrari’s Maranello workshops since 1947, are a perfect synthesis of technological research and craftsmanship that only the Prancing Horse can deliver. That is why they are destined to last over time.

Most of the cars produced from the dawn of the marque to today still exist and run, thanks to the care taken by their owners to keep them perfectly efficient and very safe on the roads. Such maintenance can only be performed by a highly skilled technician who has the deepest knowledge of the secrets of Ferrari engines and the specific features of each automobile.

In 2006 the company gave birth to Ferrari Classiche, the department of excellence that offers owners an exclusive service. Its purpose is to protect the invaluable heritage that these cars represent.

The Classiche team has the expertise necessary to handle complex restorations, returning a car to its original form in terms of mechanics and bodywork. Ferrari Classiche also provides the assistance and support needed to deal both with the complex stages of extraordinary maintenance and the normal use of the cars.

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