Certification Of Authenticity​​

The essential starting point of the service offered by Ferrari Classiche is the Certificate of Authenticity, only available in Maranello.

The Certificate of Authenticity is for all Ferrari road cars over 20 years old and is also available for Ferrari F1, Sportscars and Sport-Prototypes, with no restrictions on the age of the car.

This unique service is very important for owners, as only Ferrari Classiche can release an official document confirming the full authenticity of a car.

The integrity and absolute uniqueness of the Ferrari archives, where the technical records of all cars produced since 1947 are jealously guarded, means the company is able to unequivocally establish conformity with the original design of any car made in its workshops.

The full benefits of the Certificate of Authenticity are manifold: in addition to protecting the priceless heritage of an historic car, the Certificate increases sale value, while giving access to the most prestigious official events organised by the Prancing Horse.


Only fully functional cars receive the Ferrari Certificate of Authenticity, because to ensure the vehicle’s conformity to the original design – and therefore maximum driving safety – all parts need to be authentic. Chassis, engine, gearbox and transmission, suspension, brakes, wheels and bodywork, interior, everything is rigorously examined by the experts in the Ferrari Classiche workshop. This is a team of specialists par excellence, with deep knowledge of the car because of their extensive experience at Ferrari, possibly also including first hand involvement in the construction of the vehicle under examination.

The passion and the mastery of Ferrari Classiche personnel are the very best guarantee for the customer.

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