Replacement tyres explained

Tyres are designed to keep your Ferrari on the road in all conditions. As such, it’s important that they’re well maintained and fit for purpose – particularly for a brand that manufactures models with top speeds of more than 200mph.

Since November 1, 2012, all new tyres are classified in three key areas: exterior noise emissions, wet braking and fuel efficiency. The new labelling system is designed to make it quick and easy for you to assess the efficiency, safety and performance on all tyres, at a glance.


When it comes to choosing the right tyres for your Ferrari, it’s worth noting that your choice of tyres can have an impact on the efficiency and CO2 emissions of your car. The new grading system, A-to-G, will help you to identify what impact your tyres could have in these areas, with some of the best options reducing your fuel consumption by up to 7.5 percent.

Wet braking performance

Britain’s weather is notoriously wet, which makes high-quality tyres a critical addition for all Ferrari cars. Grade A tyres could help you to stop 18 metres sooner when braking from 50mph, which could prevent a collision and keep you safer. Whatever tyres you choose, it’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll need to adjust your braking distance in adverse weather.

Exterior noise emissions

Noise emissions from tyres can be distracting. Listed in decibels, noise emission levels are easy to see at a glance when you’re picking the right tyres for your Ferrari, and you can be reassured that performance will not be affected, whichever tyres you choose.

Our Ferrari tyre experts at Lancaster Ferrari Colchester can help you choose the right ones for you, whether you’re looking to replace your tyres when they’re worn or to swap to specialist tyres depending on the season.

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