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Details It’s stunningly sleek, yet at the same time, aggressively sporty. The Type R has been developed with superior aerodynamics in mind – a physique to minimise drag and lift – as well as head turning looks. The airflow is kept as close to the body as possible; this equates to increased downforce, less drag and reduced turbulence. The Type R doesn’t hide its personality - from taillight to headlight, it’s a car built to drive.
Technology The Type R has a stiffer chassis and a completely new suspension system. The Type R’s torsional strength has been increased by 38% and the dynamic benefit of this is its determined and purposeful performance. With intimate contact between you, the car and the road you can drive with total confidence.
Safety The Civic Type R has advanced safety features designed to keep you and your passengers safe. Helps keep you in the middle of your lane and reduces the need for steering correction movements and driving effort; it provides a less stressful driving experience, particularly on the motorway.
Honda Civic Type R Features THE TEETH OF THE BEAST Sharper shifting all the way to top gear - and down again The Civic Type R’s new six-speed manual transmission allows us to give you our most invigorating acceleration ever. This car will take hold of your emotions and won't let go. The new rev match control system ensures no compromise in the Type R’s intimate, rewarding connection with the driver. It works progressively in all driving modes allowing you to execute seamless gear shifts without any shift shock - just like a pro. View features in detail

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