Honda launches in-car bicycle rack for Civic Tourer

Calling all cycling enthusiasts! Transporting your bikes just got easier with Honda’s in-car bicycle rack.

The new system is available on the Civic Tourer and allows you to carry two full-size bicycles inside the boot. It creates more security and safety than a traditional roof- or rear-mounted rack.

Plus it increases the car’s fuel efficiency by lowering drag. So you will still benefit from the Civic Tourer’s low fuel consumption that won it a Guiness World Record title last year.

The new bicycle rack is designed with racing cyclists in mind. It was inspired by Honda’s cycling concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.

The innovative in-car rack creates a handy storage solution for the frame and detached front wheel. It makes full use of the Civic Tourer’s impressive load space and unique central fuel tank layout.

Honda Civic Tourer in-car bicycle rack

Honda has designed an aluminium rail to be mounted in the boot well. The rack has sliding brackets attached to it, with a T-bar for the bike’s front fork to slot onto.

The rear seats fold down to make space and the bike’s back wheel will rest on the top of them. The frame is secured in place with a fixing belt attached to the existing lashing rings in the boot. The front wheel can then be placed into its special slot.

Honda’s new in-car bike rack is also designed to create flexible storage options. Up to two bikes can be loaded into the back of the car to make full use of the boot space. Alternatively you can fold down just 40% of the rear seat, securing one bike and leaving room for an extra passenger and luggage in the back.

The rack can also be combined with existing Honda accessories like the boot lip protector to make the Civic Tourer ever more suited to an active lifestyle.

The new bicycle rack is available from October 2016 from selected Honda dealers – speak to your nearest Jardine Honda dealership for more information.

Honda Civic Tourer in-car bicycle rack