Honda unveils automatic parking system

Honda’s latest parking technology indicates a step towards autonomous driving.

The new automatic valet parking system created by Honda was recently demonstrated at the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) World Congress in Tokyo.

The technology allows drivers enjoy a valet service provided by their own cars. The car is fitted with a Wi-Fi system and rear-view-camera. Utilising these in conjunction with information read from the car park’s surveillance system, the car is able to park itself.

Honda revealed this parking technology under an umbrella concept of ‘Safety For Everyone’. The driverless valet system aims to make parking both safer and easier for shoppers. This has coincided with intelligent, safety-conscious developments such as semi-autonomous driving and non-contact electric vehicle recharging.

A spokesperson for Honda stated: “As the number of cars increases, it'll become essential to move them around efficiently. So, we think this kind of system will become increasingly necessary." At the ITS World Congress, Honda said this system will be in use by 2020.

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