F-PACE just the start of SUV trio for Jaguar

It has been revealed that the Jaguar F-PACE, the first SUV in Jaguar’s history, is just one of three new SUVs to be launched by the brand, with E-PACE and J-PACE to follow.

The E-PACE counterpart will be an all-electric SUV crossover, similar in its design to the F-PACE but in a smaller package. E-PACE will be produced in Graz, Austria, and will reportedly feature active aerodynamics to offer a drag coefficient of just 0.28. The electrified compact crossover, expected in 2017, will boast a premium interior and a road-based setup to make it a luxury car that’s fun to drive.

The 2019 J-PACE will be created with the brand’s innovative aluminium platform, making it light and efficient. Find a truly rewarding, exciting on-road driving experience in the F-PACE’s bigger sibling. With two wheelbase options, the possibility of a hybrid choice, plus high-performance RS and SVR editions, J-PACE will offer a true sporting spirit.

Below the bonnet, Jaguar is also upgrading present V6 engines for the core models, with a new range of more efficient, more powerful inline six-cylinder engines from 2017. Petrol and diesel variants will be available, delivering the same 3.0-litres of displacement as the current V6, and are expected to improve fuel economy.

It’s going to be an exciting few years for Jaguar; contact your nearest Lancaster Jaguar to register your interest in the first ever Jaguar SUV crossover, F-PACE. Now available to order, F-PACE will hit UK showrooms in April 2016 – and maybe your driveway.

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