Jaguar XJ takes on top drone in a high speed game of cat and mouse.

Movie stunt driver Mark Higgins recently tested out the Jaguar XJ in a unique ‘cat and mouse’ chase against one of the world’s best drone pilots, leading the way to the future of car chase filming.

Drones are beginning to enter the everyday world more and more as their technology progresses, being used for everything from leisure to the practical, and now they are making their debut on the silver screen. Using drone cameras to film car chase sequences opens up exciting opportunities for better angles and a more intense real-world feeling. With similar technology now making their way into cars like the Jaguar XJ, there seems no better way to test it out than by pitting the two against each other in a test of speed and skill.

Exploring a potential future movie stunt sequence, drone pilot and racer JaeHong Li hunted Higgins as he drove the Jaguar XJ around the Zhuhai International Circuit in China, which features an industrialised zone complete with shipping containers, wide tree-lined boulevards, pit garages and an underground car park; in short, it was the best place to showcase the XJ’s urban agility and speed.

Li’s drone made full use of its autonomous circling and 360-degree camera searching capabilities as Higgins sped away from detection, helped by electric power assisted steering for astounding responsiveness, and stayed ahead of the drone with the help of sensors and four on-board cameras. The XJ glided effortlessly through the streets, proving that while it may be designed for the luxury executive market, it is certainly capable of stunning performance and agility in all environments.

The video of the chase showcases the interesting opportunities for this kind of technology in filming cars, as well as the beautiful grace of the Jaguar XJ as it swiftly avoided the drone throughout the course. Technologies such as cameras and sensors bring reassurance to everyday driving, allowing for more relaxed journeys and the opportunity to appreciate luxury like the XJ even more.

Explore the incredible technology available in the Jaguar XJ for yourself at Lancaster Jaguar now, or watch it in action, gracefully evading the drone through the Chinese track’s urban jungle.