Jaguar F-TYPE with a manual gearbox – a car built for the driver?

Jaguar’s F-TYPE stole the show when it hit the automotive scene three years ago, with its rich burble, impressive ability and involving cockpit gaining much attention. But as incredible as it was, there was one choice missing. Now, Jaguar has gone back to basics by adding the option of a manual gearbox in its award-winning F-TYPE.

Originally an eight-speed auto was the only option in this distinctive sports car, but now a six-speed manual transmission is available for those who prefer to feel the power of the engine in their hand and experience pure motoring pleasure.

The 3.0-litre V6 340 Supercharged Manual model - in both Coupé and Convertible form - takes just 5.5 seconds to speed from 0 – 60mph, only 0.4 seconds more than the Automatic, and it can keep on accelerating all the way up to a lightning-quick 161mph. If you want even more power in your hands, upgrade to F-TYPE S, which is also available with a manual transmission.

Just as F-PACE has put the Sport back into SUV, this manual F-TYPE has injected a raw enjoyment back into everyday sports car driving – it’s a car built for you behind the wheel. Its sharp design and innovative technological features complete this truly special package.

With the gearstick in your hand, sitting in the cabin of this perfectly proportioned two-seater sports car with an open road ahead, F-TYPE’s engine purring in your ear, is there anywhere else you would rather be? If you’re looking for an involving, fun, engaging driver experience, contact Lancaster Jaguar today.