Jaguar Land Rover leads £11m autonomous cars project

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is leading the way in producing autonomous cars that not only interact with their driver and the environment, but also understand and communicate with other vehicles.

The £11m research programme is being led by the Coventry-based car manufacturer and jointly funded by Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

The system Towards Autonomy – Smart and Connected Control (TASCC) is being tested at the Transport Research Laboratory and across ten UK universities. Using low-THz sensors and advanced video analysis, the aim is to develop a system which will map the terrain of a car and detect other vehicles, along with cyclists and pedestrians. Designed to spot hazards like potholes, even in bad weather, it will be able to calculate distances between other objects to build an accurate 3D image of its surroundings.

Director of Research and Technology at JLR, Dr Wolfgang Epple, comments, ‘To realise the future potential for fully autonomous vehicles we need to give drivers, pedestrians and other road users the confidence that a car driving around with little or no human input is a safe, viable and rewarding experience. These collaborative projects will bring some of the UK's leading academics together with our autonomous driving team to address the fundamental real-world challenges that are part of our journey towards autonomous driving.’