The number of autonomous cars on British roads is on the rise, with Jaguar helping the figure by contributing not just one but a whole fleet of 100 self-driving cars to Coventry for testing on the British motorways.

Despite legal obstacles such as insurance disputes, the market for autonomous vehicles is currently worth £900 billion worldwide, with car manufacturers quick to begin their own testing. The Jaguar fleet of self-driving cars will be rolled out for research over the next four years, using a 41-mile route on motorways and urban roads around Jaguar headquarters in Whitley, Coventry.

Jaguar’s cars don’t just aim to drive themselves however, they are being packed with technology designed to help improve traffic flow and cut down on congestion. This includes technology such as 3D views of the street ahead in order to recognise barriers, and radio signals between cars even out of sight to gain a fuller picture of future road situations as well as the present climate. Testing of these features is already well under way, as you can see in this video.

A ‘Safe Pullaway’ feature also hopes to reduce the possibility for low-speed accidents at junctions, roundabouts and in slow-moving traffic. In this way, Jaguar are making leaps to introduce cars that are truly aware of real road conditions and possibilities, unlike most current autonomous cars, which tend only to focus on dealing with each situation as it occurs.

These features aim to set Jaguar apart from fierce competition with both traditional manufacturers like Nissan, who plan to build their first mass-market autonomous vehicle at their Sunderland plant, but with groups such as Google and Tesla. These manufacturers aim to go one step further to deploy fully self-driving cars without human controls in the future.

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