Jaguar aims to humanise self-driving cars

Jaguar is taking steps to make sure its autonomous technology isn’t too robotic, in an effort to put drivers at ease, knowing that their vehicle will react as they would do in certain scenarios.

In order to achieve this, sensors have been installed in a fleet of test vehicles, able to record employees’ driving habits in order to understand how different people react to varying situations on the road, such as bad weather, congestion and roadworks. This data will then be used to help make self-driving Jaguars operate more like real drivers.

Dr Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar Land Rover’s Director of Research and Technology commented: ‘Customers are much more likely to accept highly-automated and fully autonomous vehicles if the car reacts in the same way as the driver. By understanding and measuring positive driving behaviours, we can ensure that an autonomous Jaguar or Land Rover of the future will not simply perform a robotic function.’

Information collected during the project’s duration will also be used to develop self-driving cars’ insurance policies, with liability able to be calculated and more onus being placed on manufacturers.

Jaguar’s efforts are all part of a three-year project named ‘Move-UK’, which is being led by the Robert Bosch Group – the project has been designed to fast-track the progress and deployment of autonomous driving systems.

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