Jaguar Replacement tyres explained

While the intelligent engines and transmissions supplied by Jaguar will enhance your vehicle’s performance, the tyres – as the only point of contact with the road – are vital to the quality of your driving experience. It is therefore of great importance that the most appropriate tyres are fitted to your vehicle to suit your model and driving style.

Since November 2012, a clear and easy-to-use labelling system for new tyres has been in place. On the labels, the performance of the tyre in fuel efficiency, wet braking and exterior noise are clearly noted and, as the rating system is similar to that of many household appliances, it offers an at-a-glance overview of the tyre.

Jaguar Efficiency

Tyres affect the fuel economy and carbon emissions of your vehicle, even more than your method of driving or the efficiency of the engine. In choosing the best tyre for your Jaguar, there is the potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 7.5 percent. This efficiency is presented on each tyre through the new A-to-G rating system.

Jaguar Wet braking performance

Wetter road surfaces inevitably mean you must assess your braking and adjust in line with the conditions. Stopping times and distances are increased due to the effect of the weather on both tyres and brakes. In order to limit difficulty and to reduce braking distance in wet conditions by 18 metres from 50mph, a set of four A-grade tyres can be fitted.

Exterior noise emissions

Noise levels on the new labelling system are shown in decibels, making it easy to use and understand. Noise which enters the vehicle from outside can often cause dangerous distractions and be irritating to your passengers. Our selection of tyres gives you the freedom to select tyres which will limit the distractions from the external environment.

The knowledgeable team here at Jardine Jaguar will assist you in your selection of the most suitable – and most suitably priced – tyre for your vehicle. We have a wide range of general, specialist and winter tyres to choose from, so take a closer look at what we have available today.

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