Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

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The Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster inherits an iconic legacy from previous ‘S’ models such as the Miura, Islero, Countach and Urraco. The roof-less model is described as the most exciting Lamborghini to date, thanks to the retention of full Coupé S performance despite the driver’s exposure to the elements. The intense styling flaunts a combination of bold, deep lines and extreme aerodynamics. Every surface has been designed to increase power and improve performance, creating a truly awe-inspiring machine.

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The Aventador S Roadster comes equipped with the most sophisticated technology in the Lamborghini range. Including the new Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva (LDVA), which delivers an incomparable and safe experience to those who seek the most adrenaline-pumping driving pleasures. LDVA is a system of active technologies such as; four-wheel steering, active suspension and four-wheel drive. Using sensors to automatically select the best setting for each driving condition. The result is a perfect and compelling performance.


The Aventador S Roadster features an upgraded 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine from the Coupé S, packing a mind-blowing 740hp. The Roadster is 50kg heavier due to the removable roof. However the only price paid for full exposure to the elements and the goose bump-inducing exhaust notes, is 0.2 seconds on the 0-62 mph time. Thanks to the seven-speed ISR gear box and four-wheel drive, which sprints the Aventador S Roadster from 0-62 mph in 3.0 secs. 

Flat-out the Roadster will match its lighter Coupé S counterpart at an unbelievable 217 mph. The ability to run at this speed is a rare, pure-adrenaline experience. The Roadster yields an impressive 130% more downforce than its predecessor, due to active rear wing and all-round aerodynamic improvements. Active vehicle dynamics such as four-wheel steering give the Roadster low-speed agility and high-speed stability. While the real-time variable damping system optimises various parameters to keep the awesome power under control.


The aggressiveness of the design is inspired by a combination of nature and aeronautics. The rear-end represents that of a space shuttle, while the front-end mimics the strength and elegance of a shark. The removable roof provides an unparalleled mix of lifestyle and sport. Delivering sensations that can only be attained through driving a Lamborghini.

The interior is trimmed to an exceptional standard. Seamlessly integrating an explosive mix of performance, style and cutting-edge technology. Featuring materials of the highest quality, with a mix of colours created especially for the Roadster; including the innovative Carbon Skin®. The exclusive Lamborghini AD Personam service gives customers full creative licence and the ability to design their dream automobile.

Technicial Specification

Vehicle length4797 mm / 188.86 in
Vehicle width2265 mm / 89.2 in
Vehicle height(unladen) 1136 mm / 44.7 in
Wheelbase2700 mm / 106.3 in
Unladen weight (DIN)1625 kg / 3583 lb
Engine / Cylinders V12
Max Torque 690 nm @ 5500 rpm
Max Power 544 kW @ 8400 rpm
Top Speed 217 mph
Acceleration 0-62 mph / 3.0 sec
Combined cycle 16.7 mpg
CO2 394 g/km

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