Lamborghini Aventador S


The new Lamborghini Aventador S forges the path to a new benchmark with its aerodynamic design, increased power and new driving dynamics. A true expression of technological and performance milestones.

With a new four-wheel steering system, significantly enhanced suspension and electronics, and customisable driving modes, the concept of the super sports car reaches unscaled heights. And then there’s just the small matter of a V12 engine that outputs 740 hp, a top speed of 350 km/h and 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds.

Cutting-edge design, technology and driving dynamics in pure harmony.

Aventador Range


Enhanced control comes from new four-wheel steering, adopted for the first time on a series production Lamborghini. The result is improved agility at low and medium speeds, and more stability at high speed.

The Aventador S sits on a new, specially developed set of Pirelli P Zero tyres too. Optimising steering, traction, lane changes and braking efficiency, the tyres are specifically designed to respond perfectly to Lamborghini Rear-wheel Steering for handling consistency and driver feedback.

And carbon ceramic brakes come as standard. The ventilated and perforated carbon ceramic discs mean braking from 100 km/h to standstill in just 31 m.


The design of the new Aventador S epitomises a new generation. And although there are a number of exterior developments, this remains very much an Aventador at the core. Because this is redesign for a purpose, achieving maximum aerodynamic efficiency while accenting a complex, muscular dynamism.

The chassis retains the unique and extremely rigid lightweight carbon fibre monocoque with attached aluminum frames, resulting in a dry weight of just 1,575 kg.

And the cockpit plays home to new functionality and refinement. A new TFT digital dashboard can be customised to your preferences, with the interior specification virtually limitless through Lamborghini’s Ad Personam customisation program.


The Aventador S has been redeveloped around a ‘total control concept’.

In fact, every aspect of the car’s suspension and electronic control systems has been advanced for superior drive, ride and performance. A new active suspension, four-wheel steering system and EGO driving mode.

Lamborghini engineers have integrated the Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva (LDVA) control unit too. The new brain of the car, it ensures the very best vehicle dynamics, whatever the conditions.

And a twelve cylinder, 6.5 litre engine outputs an additional 40 hp over its predecessor, to a maximum 740 hp, with a 690 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.

Technicial Specification

Vehicle length 4797 mm / 188.86 in
Vehicle width 2265 mm / 89.2 in
Vehicle height (unladen) 1136 mm / 44.7 in
Wheelbase 2700 mm / 106.3 in
Unladen weight (DIN) 1575 kg / 3472 lb
Engine / Cylinders V12
Max Torque 690 nm @ 5500 rpm
Max Power 544 kW @ 8400 rpm
Top Speed 217 mph
Acceleration 0-62 mph / 2.9 sec
Urban cycle 11 mpg
CO2 394 g/km

Lamborghini Aventador S 360° View

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