Renderings of a potential Lamborghini Huracan Spyder excite fans

Loyal fans of Lamborghini have predicted that the successor to the new Huracan coupé will be a convertible Spyder version. The enthusiasts at have created some incredible mock renderings of such a car, ahead of any future announcements from the manufacturer.

The Huracan Spyder should be near identical to its predecessor mechanically – if the car is launched, the primary difference will be its folding roof. These renderings demonstrate a new carbon fibre roof for the model, which would theoretically replace the fabric version used with the Gallardo Spyder. Aluminium has also been suggested as an option.

Industry experts are sceptical as to whether Lamborghini would put such a vehicle into production – and if so, which roof style will be used. With Huracan buyers considered as more practical compared to owners of the striking and athletic Aventador, a two-panel roof design carried over from the Aventador Roadster is the most unlikely solution. Carbon fibre is currently the most popular suggestion, particularly as the manufacturer has already developed an extensive new carbon fibre body shell.

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