Undisguised Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster spotted

Back in June, Lamborghini confirmed that a Roadster version of the Aventador SV would be released following the arrival of the coupé shape. Now, the newcomer has been seen undisguised for the first time, giving us a good look at its final form.

Auto Express has published images of the Roadster, and those familiar with the coupé will spot the similarities instantly. The vast rear diffuser, angular side sills and prominent front bumper are three of the most obvious, but there are differences. The Roadster gets a removable carbon fibre roof panel and drops the fixed rear wing seen on the coupé.

Mechanically the Roadster will also share the same 559kW V12 engine as its sibling, which should help the car to reach 62mph from stationary in less than three seconds. The removable roof may bring the 217mph top speed down slightly but not by enough to harm the car’s thrilling pace.

Lamborghini is expected to officially reveal the Aventador SV Roadster imminently before sales begin at some point this year. The Italian manufacturer has stated that demand is already high even though the model hasn’t been publically revealed, so interested buyers should move quickly to put their name in the order book.

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