Lamborghini Sports Exhaust

It’s a pure explosion of sound

A racing exhaust is an art form, driven by the beauty of sound perfectly sculpted to your every movement. Enhance your Lamborghini experience with the Instinctive Technology racing exhaust system and define the art of noise – without voiding your warranty.

Add the style package to give an extra stylish touch to your Huracán with the new laser-engraved terminals, and redefine the pleasure of driving.

The racing exhaust is available on the following models of Huracán, and as part of a style package.

Huracán model

Price (including fitting)

Racing Exhaust

Style Package (including Racing Exhaust)

4-wheel drive

£9134.59 + VAT

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4-wheel drive Spyder

Rear-wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive Spyder

Unleash the art of noise today.