Winter tyres

With the winter tyres available from Lamborghini Sevenoaks aftersales centre, you can enjoy optimum year-round performance from your Lamborghini even when inclement weather arrives. The winter tyres we stock have been sourced from leading manufacturers to guarantee uncompromising performance and safety when fitted.

Winter tyres are designed to be more robust than standard tyres, featuring a unique tread pattern that delivers maximum traction over ice and snow. Standard tyres lose their effectiveness when the temperature drops, as they begin to harden – an issue avoided with those intended for winter use.

Not only can you purchase winter tyres with the help of our technicians, they will fit them on your behalf at our dedicated service centre, and give professional advice on the right product for your model.

For winter tyre purchasing, fitting and guidance, contact Lamborghini Sevenoaks online, by phone or in person.

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Lamborghini Winter Tyres​

Traction and Power Under All Conditions​

Pirelli has placed its century-long experience at your service to offer you tires that are perfect for your Lamborghini.

Even at low temperatures and when roads are wet, these special winter tires enable you to take full advantage of the power of your Lamborghini in complete safety.

The unique tread of Pirelli Winter Sottozero 2 tires is specially designed to increase tire temperature and minimize moisture and water between the tire and the surface of the road.

They’re essential for worry-free operation of your Lamborghini even when the weather seems to be against you.

They are the only ones with an exclusive marking featuring an “L” on the sidewall, which is your assurance of an exclusive design and the partnership between Pirelli and Lamborghini.

Don’t be afraid to unleash the awesome power of your Lamborghini.

Features and Benefits

  • Tires designed by Pirelli exclusively for Automobili Lamborghini
  • Traction and extreme grip when driving and braking in winter conditions
  • Inner area with tread pattern that maximizes grip and reduces noise
  • Outer area with tread pattern that fights aquaplaning
  • Specially designed for the severe conditions of winter.

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