What’s your colour?

If you could order a Land Rover in any colour, what would you choose? That’s the question posed to the brand’s customers, as although the colour palette includes 45 standard exterior choices, there’s also the option to go bespoke with Land Rover’s Engineered to Order division, making the list limitless.

But where do all of these colours come from? Colour plays an integral role in our lives, as we even use it to describe our mood: if you’ve ‘got the blues’ or you are ‘green with envy’ – or maybe you’ve ‘seen red’, been ‘tickled pink’ or been given a ‘golden opportunity’, there’s a colour for every frame of mind.

Colour is used to identify nations, sports teams, personalities, fashion and even culture. Red, for example, means luck in China, but love in Europe, and yellow represents envy in Germany, but happiness and good fortune in Egypt.

Land Rover’s principal colour designer, Mel McWhirter, commented on the brand’s colour palette: ‘Inspiration can come from anywhere – a sweet wrapper, bottle top, watch or even a building can all provide the spark for the design team to start developing new colours. Land Rover has traditionally named its colours geographically, after places, regions, towns and bodies of water. Blues are named after oceans or rivers, oranges and yellows after deserts. One of the latest is Corris Grey, named after a slate-mining area in Wales’.

From the very first green used on the legend that is Huey, indicating its military inspiration, the brand has had almost 70 years to research and develop its colour range, but the job is never finished, with new colour options emerging all the time to keep the offering fresh and contemporary – plus the choice between metallic and non-metallic. There’s then interior colour options to consider, too.

That makes picking the colour of your Land Rover even more complex, but with new pigment and application technologies allowing for a much broader offering, there is a colour to suit everyone.

Whatever colour you desire, Land Rover can create it – the choice is yours.