Is your Land Rover better than your office for creative thinking?

Land Rover and the Institute of Directors (IoD) recently came together to carry out a study investigating the optimum environment for inspiring creative thought. Alongside organisational psychologist Sir Cary Cooper, the study found that one in five Executives have their best ideas in the car.

So can the cabin of your Land Rover offer a conducive space for working? The study into the best working environments has recognised as much, surveying over 900 CEOs, directors and senior managers from companies around the world to come to its conclusion.

Of these business leaders, the survey reported that 84% believe that their environment is important for facilitating creative thought, with factors including comfortable seating, natural light and an absence of noise as being vital. As for the required psychological conditions for having the best ideas, being in comfort and not feeling stressed were revealed as most important.

With Executives often travelling to different sites and meetings, it’s no surprise that almost 10% of those questioned stated that more than 25% of their working week is spent in the car. Sir Cary Cooper observed, ‘The findings of this study suggest that cars present an opportunity for both the right psychological and the right physical conditions for creativity. Creative thoughts will often come to us at a time when we least expect them – when we are not thinking about the problem.’

Chief of Land Rover Design, Gerry McGovern, commented on how Range Rover interiors keep this in mind: ‘We designed an interior for the Range Rover that reflects the needs of our customers: so there is an order and visual logic – an interior architecture that promotes calm and serenity, and which creates that sense of elevation Range Rover is renowned for; something that just feels right. At waist level, a feeling of being cocooned within the car – away from the rush and noise of the outside world – is juxtaposed with a connection to this world through its vast panoramic roof – providing as much natural light as possible.’

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