Explore Land Rover’s digital ‘Defender Journeys’ to see how far this icon has gone

Series Land Rovers and Defenders have been gracing global terrains for 68 years and even though production has now ended, these rugged off-roaders remain popular and cherished as a result of their incredible go-anywhere ability and unmistakable aesthetics.

With ‘Defender Journeys’, Land Rover has collated a plethora of memorable trips taken in these pioneering vehicles thanks to customer contributions to a digital archive – and brand advocates’ anecdotes and images are still flooding in. If you have experienced a memorable journey in a Series Land Rover or Defender, be sure to send in your story! With more than two million manufactured over the years, it’s no wonder there has been such an eclectic mix of journeys submitted so far.

Almost 400 journeys can now be viewed on an online map, covering everywhere from Argentina to Zambia and various places in between, covering everything from icy expeditions and jungle escapades to desert proposals. These varied stories are providing inspiration for Land Rover engineers currently working on the New Defender – what design will eventually emerge?

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