Film and TV icon, the Land Rover Defender to cease production

It was a sad day for many when the last Land Rover Defender rolled off the production line at the company’s Solihull factory on January 29 this year. However, the four-wheel drive off-road utility vehicle will continue to remain in the public consciousness for many more years to come.

The durability of the Defender will ensure that despite no new models being made, it will be a very long time before the vehicle disappears altogether. It is thought that almost three quarters of all Defenders ever made are still around, in one shape or another.

The vehicle has already effectively gained immortality, thanks to its many appearances on screens big and small.

Television programmes such as Death in Paradise, Spooks, Sherlock and Midsommer Murders have all featured the Defender. It has been a popular mode of transport on Emmerdale over the years, dating back to an era when it was known as Emmerdale Farm.

The venerable off-roader has also had dozens of prominent roles in movies during the last 60 or more years. See if you can spot a Defender the next time you watch Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Da Vinci Code, Skyfall and The Expendables II, among many other blockbusters.

The vehicle has even appeared in music videos, such as the one made for the Cranberries’ 1994 single, Zombie.

The hero of many a movie, the Defender – and a host of other photogenic Land Rovers – is available at our Berkshire and Milton Keynes dealerships now.