Ever wanted to experience what it would be like to drive a plethora of Land Rover’s best heritage cars? The Land Rover Heritage Driving Experience enables you to do exactly this and is now open to the general public in Land Rover’s Fen End site in the West Midlands.

With cars dating all the way back to the very first Land Rover – the 1948 Series I – you can start at the very beginning and work your way through to the present, driving classics such as the 101 Forward Control transporter and Range Rover, experiencing the thrill of the vehicles on the track, and how they were designed to be driven – off-road.

If you have a specific interest in a certain era of Land Rover production, you have the option of choosing a tailored package to suit you. The package includes your very own knowledgeable driving instructor to provide information about the cars. Or, starting from £40, if you don’t fancy driving yourself but don’t want to miss out, you can choose a passenger ride. Then, once you’ve enjoyed your day, browse for a souvenir and view the exhibition.

Starting from £85 and ranging up to £250, packages include Series I, II and III Vs Modern Defender, Land Rover Historic Drives, Range Rover Then & Now, and Land Rover – The Collection.

Want to treat the car-crazy person in your life, or take a ride yourself? Book your package, gift vouchers and special promotions at Land Rover Experiences, or contact Lancaster Land Rover for more information.