Land Rover’s vintage-inspired Overland Collection

Land Rover’s new collection of clothes pays fitting tribute to the historic 1955 Overland Land Rover as it celebrates the 60th anniversary of its journey from London to Singapore by six Oxford and Cambridge students. It took the students six months and six days to complete their amazing journey as they battled bandits and breakdowns. At the time, David Attenborough was in charge of the BBC’s Travel and Exploration department and offered them money to film their trip too.

The Overland memorabilia is replicated in the light and dark blue traditionally associated with Oxford and Cambridge. The collection consists of a range of stylish and tasteful polo shirts, tees and jackets designed to keep you both warm and cool.

If you’re into your vintage gear and the retro look, you’ll love the Overland Collection with its nod to fifties chic and its spirit of adventure. Pack it all away in a heritage travel trunk and head off on your own globetrotting adventure. A map with the route the students travelled is adorned across the inside and comes complete with stickers to finish off the vintage look.

Want to grab yourself a piece of merchandise from the Overland Collection? Head over to the shop at or visit your local Jardine Motors Land Rover dealership.

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