Land Rover Birmingham North Come to the Rescue

Our customers Mr and Mrs Blair went through an awful experience earlier on this year and the team at Land Rover Birmingham North stepped in to help.

Read their story;

"In late January 2019 while we slept in our home thinking we were safe we had our house broken into and my BMW stolen. We were so upset that someone had been in our home while we were sleeping, also we were due to get married in February on Valentine’s Day and my wedding shoes, flower girl shoes and other important items were in the boot of the car. I was so scared to have another BMW I decided to go to Land Rover Birmingham North to see if they could help me.

Adam Page and his Manager Andrew Passey were fantastic. I was so stressed out knowing I had only days to find a new car after my insurance settled the claim and with a family and working full time it felt impossible. I was nearly in tears when Adam and his manager offered me the use of a Range Rover Evoque over our whole wedding and honeymoon while they found a car for me."

"With all the car theft happening at the moment leaving family’s feeling devastated and violated, it is fantastic what Land Rover Birmingham North have done to help our family. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been able to go to work or take my children to school and carry on with our wedding planning.

We’d love you to publish this story to show there is some hope and kindness out there and to show how thankful we are."

Mr and Mrs Blair