Land Rover is a name synonymous with luxury and devotion to British heritage, but it is less well known for the brand’s unending innovative design and class-leading technology. This is precisely what the Innovation Lab aims to change.

Forming the centrepiece at the 2015 Frankfurt and Los Angeles Auto Shows, the Innovation Lab was a digitally connected space that encouraged visitor engagement through a series of immersive experiences. Layers of industrial expanded mesh adorned the walls, alongside aluminium and white finishes on the structural aspects of the activations, which lent a futuristic atmosphere to the experience.

Among the immersive experiences were aluminium architecture immersion pods, providing a rare insight into the production of aluminium for Land Rover’s world-leading car body techniques. A 360-screen experience also took visitors inside the making of Land Rover’s unique Ingenium engines, but it was the glimpses into the future that stole the show.

Showcases including Land Rover’s autonomous car sensing technology and the Range Rover Sport remote control system, which allows the vehicle to be controlled from a smartphone, brought the future to the present in a spectacular and informative display.

Over 1.1m visitors attended the Innovation Lab when open to the public, with 333.405 ‘screen tap’ interactions and 27,057 video views on the interactive screens. This response shows just how successful Land Rover were in promoting awareness of their ground-breaking research.

Now, the Innovation Lab has been moved online, for anyone to experience. Simply immerse yourself in incredible technology, or why not explore the Range Rover Sport at Lancaster Land Rover, to experience the future of technology now.