To celebrate 45 years of engineering innovation with luxury Range Rover SUVs, Land Rover paired up with globally recognised British artist Steve Messam and specialist British paper manufacturer James Cropper PLC, to build a unique paper bridge – which was then driven over by a Range Rover.

The five metre wide self-supporting structure in the ancient water city of Suzhou in China, known as ‘Venice of the East’, took three days to build, using no glue or bolts to hold it in place. But the flagship Range Rover took on the drive with ease, utilising its intelligent 4WD all-terrain technology and lightweight aluminium construction.

‘Paper structures capable of supporting people have been built before but nothing on this scale has ever been attempted. It’s pushing engineering boundaries, just like the Range Rover, and the ease and composure with which the vehicle negotiated the arch was genuinely breathtaking’, Messam commented.