Land Rover InControl

Advanced infotainment at the heart of every Land Rover. Land Rover’s comprehensive in-car infotainment system, aptly called InControl.

InControl in Operation

If you use a smartphone, tablet or iPad, InControl will seem like second nature in no time. Centre of the system is the high-resolution Touch Pro touchscreen – or two touchscreens in the case of the flagship Touch Pro Duo system. You can simply choose and swipe the ‘app’ tiles representing navigation, climate, entertainment and communication; when in maps you can pinch or zoom using your fingers exactly as you would on your phone. Alternatively, you can access the system using voice command or shortcut buttons on the console or steering wheel.

What InControl can offer depends on the vehicle and the options you’ve chosen. For example, the Connect Pro feature includes an in-car SIM card that delivers a Wi-Fi hotspot and also allows you to connect to your Land Rover remotely, for instance to lock/unlock, flash lights to help you locate it and even set the cabin temperature before you get in.


Key Features:

Real-time Navigation

InControl’s satellite navigation includes turn-by-turn voice guidance, junction view and 3D maps. Navigation Pro can also reroute you to avoid snarl-ups and even transfer the route to your smartphone for the part of the journey you complete on foot.

Remote Access

The Remote app allows you to check your vehicle via your Android or iPhone smartphone from anywhere in the world. You can check fuel levels, make sure windows are shut and secure your vehicle from a distance with Remote Lock and Unlock.

​Parking Assistance

InControl Park Assist uses sensors around your Land Rover to measure up potential parking spaces as you drive past, both for parallel parking and car park slots. If the space is suitable, it will instruct you to select reverse gear and takes over the steering, neatly positioning your Land Rover in the space while you simply operate throttle and brake. 

Responsive Touchscreen

At the heart of Land Rover InControl there’s an Intel multi-core processor with high-speed ethernet network. You simply and intuitively control it via the Touch Pro touchscreen, just as you would with a smartphone, iPad or tablet.

Infotainment at your Fingertips

Land Rover’s InControl Infotainment systems can connect your smartphone to access apps, phone contacts and messages, while you enjoy music through the audiophile sound system or follow the navigation to your destination.

​Meridian™ Sound Systems

Land Rover works with acclaimed British audio engineers Meridian to deliver all the fullness and clarity of live performance to you and all your passengers. Choose* from three audio systems: Meridian Sound System (available with Touch or Touch Pro), Meridian Surround Sound System and Meridian Signature Sound System.

*Check with your Land Rover retailer which Meridian Sound Systems are available for your chosen vehicle.

​Connectivity 24/7

Land Rover’s Connect and Connect Pro deliver a seamless experience, even when you’re not in the vehicle. Remote options allow you to check your vehicle’s status, while Protect features such as Land Rover Optimised Assistance and SOS Emergency Call help you stay safe on the road. Secure Tracker alerts you and the Stolen Vehicle Tracking Centre if anyone moves your vehicle without permission. 

Driver Assistance

Depending on model, InControl’s driver assistance systems can warn you when vehicles are in your blind spot, deter you from straying out of lane and even brake and accelerate to maintain a safe distance from the car in front when in adaptive cruise control mode. You’re always in command – but InControl’s advanced assistance systems support you every metre of your journey.