Replacement tyres explained

A car’s tyres are its only point of contact with the road. As such, Land Rover takes great care to ensure the tyres it fits to its vehicles meet exacting standards, both for the model and its anticipated usage. When you need to replace the tyres on your vehicle, we strongly suggest that you give the matter the same care and attention as the manufacturer. Selecting the most suitable tyres for your Land Rover ensures safety and performance under a variety of road conditions.

A simple, clear labelling system was introduced for all new tyres in November 2012, detailing performance in three areas: fuel efficiency, wet braking and exterior noise emission levels. The rating system is very similar to that found on household appliances, providing an instant overview of any new tyre’s performance.


The carbon emission levels and fuel efficiency of your Land Rover are both affected by your choice of tyres, to the same extent as the engine efficiency and your driving style inform your model’s economy. By selecting the best tyres for your vehicle, you can reduce the amount of fuel used by up to 7.5 percent. The new A-to-G rating system for efficiency is clearly shown for every new tyre.

Wet braking performance

Braking performance is impaired and stopping distances increased when driving in wet weather. As such, driving speeds and distances between cars need to be constantly monitored and adjusted to suit the road conditions. When driving on a new set of A-grade tyres, the stopping distance of a car travelling at 50mph can be reduced by up to 18 metres.

Exterior noise emissions

Under the new labelling system, the noise levels in decibels for each tyre are clearly shown. You and your passengers can easily be distracted by outside road noise, and Jardine Land Rover will be able to assist you in selecting tyres that will offer a quieter driving experience while maintaining the high-performance rating of your car.

At Jardine Land Rover, we can offer a wide range of both standard and winter tyres. You will find all of our tyres to be competitively priced, and they can be expertly fitted by our in-house technicians. Call or visit us today for further information.

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