Winter tyres

Winter tyres, more accurately known as cold weather tyres, should not be confused with snow tyres, which are generally studded and do not offer the same level of grip when driving on wet roads. Snow tyres should only be used when you know you will be driving in deep snow or on ice for some time. For generally colder conditions, winter tyres are the most effective choice.

Manufactured using a higher percentage of natural rubber and enhanced silica, winter tyres are softer, more flexible and resistant to hardening. This improves traction in both wet and snowy conditions, whenever the temperature falls below seven degrees.

The British Tyre Manufacturer’s Association confirms that, when using winter tyres at lower temperatures, a car travelling at 60mph on a cold, wet road will stop in a distance of up to five metres less than the same vehicle fitted with normal tyres. The difference on snow and ice is even more dramatic; the stopping distance of any model from 20mph will be 11 metres less compared to the efficacy of standard tyres. It’s vital to remember that although the legal minimum tread depth on any tyre is 1.6mm, anything less than 3mm can have a major effect on steering and braking distances.

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