The Lexus brand has ‘smashed’ the 2016 Auto Express reliability survey, achieving extraordinary success by reaching not only the top spot, but three of the top four positions – and it’s all thanks to the real-world experiences and opinions of just under 50,000 motorists.

In this year’s Driver Power survey, the third-generation RX luxury SUV was voted as the most reliable vehicle, with the current IS saloon in close second. The Toyota Land Cruiser took the final podium position, with the Lexus GS saloon achieving fourth spot. Adding to the marque’s success, the NX crossover and CT premium hatchback also made it into the top 10. The third-generation RX was also voted as the car with the most comfortable seats!

The only Lexus models not included in the list for reliability are the RC coupé and LS limousine, both of which aren’t eligible to enter, having not yet achieved the sales volumes required for inclusion as a result of their very recent releases.

Lexus Director Ewan Shepherd commented: ‘We strive to give our customers complete peace of mind when it comes to being able to rely on their car, day in, day out. Their level of satisfaction is clearly communicated in this extraordinary survey result, vindicating everything we do to deliver the highest quality in all our models. It is also significant that their opinions are in the great majority based on their experiences with our hybrid technology, confirming yet again the lasting quality and trustworthy performance of Lexus Hybrid Drive.’

When announcing the results, Auto Express said: ‘A new Lexus RX was launched in 2015, but given the Japanese marque’s formidable performance, who would bet against the new version repeating the success of its predecessor, which tops our reliability chart this year.’ Then to the IS, which ‘doesn’t take any prisoners when it comes to reliability’, an area where it has ‘forged a reputation for excellence’, plus you can find a ‘luxuriously appointed and high-spec interior’ in the GS.

In other Driver Power categories, Lexus secured a one-two-three on build quality with the NX alongside the two most recent RX generations. The brand even claimed four places in the top 10 for being the ‘best cars to own’, with the IS, GS and third-generation RX in fourth, fifth and sixth, and the second-generation RX taking the final spot.

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