Daring Lexus RX owner skydives into driving seat

Lexus Australia has gone a step further than the rest of the world to put its confident new mindset into action. Lexus enthusiast and driver of the new RX luxury SUV, Jeb Corliss, took to the skies to perform a daring stunt to showcase the model.

As well as being a Lexus driver, Corliss also happens to be a pioneering wingsuit pilot. Wearing an innovative wingsuit that allowed him to steer through the air, Corliss jumped from a plane at 12,000 feet and negotiated his way down towards the RX. His final move was to open his parachute at exactly the right time to land and take the wheel of the model. To make things even more complicated, the car was loaded onto a moving car transporter at the time, which was held up by an accomplice.

The stunt was completed successfully, and Corliss was happily reunited with the RX before speeding off into the distance. The film was shot in New South Wales, Australia and involved a crew of 60 people.

You may not be a wingsuit pilot, but driving the Lexus RX is an exciting experience in itself. You can book in for a test drive of the vehicle at your nearest Jardine Lexus dealership today.

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