Formafantasma is an Amsterdam-based Italian design house comprising of designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farrasin. Taking inspiration from Lexus’s Japanese Omontenashi design, which encompasses the traditions of Japanese hospitality intrinsic to how Lexus addresses its owners’ vehicle needs, Formafantasma travelled to Japan to collaborate with Michelin-starred Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi on their new project. Whilst in Japan, they witnessed the design and manufacturing techniques used at Lexus and gained knowledge in what qualities and values define the Lexus brand.

Formafantasma said, ‘The wonderful quality of Japanese hospitality is what really impressed us and the part of Japan we love most. Our aim is to express the kindness, hospitality and craftsmanship of Omotenashi in the right way through our installation and also to capture something of the impressive car production methods which we were introduced to.’

Formafantasma’s new exhibit is split into three rooms, and the installations within each room will be inspired by a different element of Lexus design - from furniture to sculpture. Each room will be accompanied by a different taste created by Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, inspired by the clear water that is the direct by-product of hydrogen fuel cell power generation.

Formafantasma said, ‘We were greatly inspired by Lexus’s painting process, and the fact the parts of the car you can’t see are treated in just the same way as those you can. The colours are beautiful and their depth is impressive. These might be details, but they are beautiful and highly attractive qualities.’