You see Lexus vehicles on the roads, in showrooms, at sponsored events and in various advertising spaces, but have you ever seen them at a fashion show? INTERSECT Tokyo, in collaboration with WWD Japan fashion magazine, played host to an exhibition for Lexus in 2014 – but it was an exhibition with a difference.

Two Japanese designers produced two unusually diverse miniature versions of Lexus cars, with their designs based on their own interpretation of Lexus’ pioneering and refined brand identity. They’re unique, they’re eye-catching, and they’re unmistakably Lexus.


ANREALAGE Co. Ltd. created a heavily pixelated Lexus RX called Low resolution Lexus. This miniature vehicle is undoubtedly a Lexus RX, despite its unusual depiction and miniature size.


Tamae Hirokawa from SOMARTA took a different approach, creating a CT called Donning Lexus. Taking on a dress-like structure, the miniature model pays tribute to the designer’s fashion heritage.

These two distinctive designs take the characteristic cues from Lexus and twist them in true designer fashion, highlighting the vehicles’ unique traits and presenting them in a completely new way.

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