Jude Law joins Lexus to live ‘The Life RX’

Jude Law is joining the Japanese brand in their new endeavour, ‘The Life RX’

‘The Life RX’ is a new campaign designed to amplify the qualities of the striking new luxury SUV that is the 2016 Lexus RX. Joining the Japanese brand in this endeavour is Hollywood actor and producer, Jude Law, as part of a creative collaboration.

By portraying a fast-paced, exciting lifestyle encompassing the luxury, experience and craftsmanship built into the Lexus RX, the television commercial leaves the driver able to decide what is possible. Watch it for yourself:

Through interactive videography and theatre, Jude Law and Lexus will provide the opportunity for consumers to immerse themselves in ‘The Life RX’, just as the valet in the advertisement does.

‘I love driving and the escapism that comes with it. The concept of The Life RX is such an interesting one, as it’s true that the right car can give you the keys to an extraordinary experience. The team at Lexus envisioned bringing something to life that was immersive and included everyone on the journey, and this was something I was keen to explore’, Jude commented.

Head of Lexus Europe, Alain Uyttenhoven, said ‘We are extremely excited to be partnering with Jude Law, a fantastic actor and a true gentleman, for this campaign. The Life RX mirrors the fact that the RX brings a different, rewarding product experience based on bold design, innovative technologies and, above all, a premium, luxury feel. At Lexus, providing an unparalleled progressive luxury experience is at the heart of our brand and we wanted to bring this message to life with an innovative launch campaign and television ad’.

To experience the Lexus RX for yourself, arrange a test drive at your local Lexus Centre and it could be yours for 2016.