The Paris Motor Show 2016 brought with it some incredible advances and innovations in the world of automobiles, though it was Lexus that took innovation to heart with their showcases, putting on display a ‘spider silk’ car seat that truly is a vision of the future.

Breathing new life into the unchanging car seat, Lexus’ ‘Kinetic Seat Concept’ went on display as a stand-alone feature, drawing attention with its vibrant orange colour and eye-catching spider web design. Instead of the normal addition of foam cushions, Lexus have created a web-like mesh that suspends the passenger in almost the same way as a hammock.

This unique net offers much more flexibility, hugging the figure and shape of anyone who sits in it for the perfect hold every time. The mesh also helps to spread weight evenly to allow for improved comfort. The ergonomic benefits are seemingly boundless too, with a backrest and seat that moves from side to side, allowing the driver to stabilise his or her head the same way you would when walking or jogging, making long journeys a lot more bearable.

The material is also revolutionary; instead of using fabric, leather or Alcantara, the seat gets its spidery name from the synthetic spider silk it is made from. The material, named QMONOS, offers superior toughness and shock absorption for better durability than ever.

This is only the latest in a wonderful history of Lexus innovations, from the incredible F-range to the Lexus LC 500. You can discover these incredible models as well as the rest of the Lexus range at Lancaster today.