Lexus recently took to the tarmac of the capital with photographer Alan Brutenic – the NX was the car of choice, with the chosen route taking the camera lens to many stunning city spots. The shoot saw Brutenic capture many beautiful London scenes, with the NX the highlight of the summer show.

Alan’s favourite spot was in Battersea Park, as prior to the Lexus photo shoot, he had ‘never explored that park properly before, and it’s beautiful. We managed to get some great shots with the awesome Albert Bridge in the background too.’

Alan and Lexus worked together to select the photo shoot locations, identifying ‘some of the most iconic backgrounds in London to complement this beautiful car.’ Backdrops included Canary Wharf and Westferry Circus, with the NX’s ‘gorgeous headlights and LED lights’ in the frame, with Brutenic selecting ‘angles which focused on them’.

Speaking on photographing the striking Lexus NX, the renowned photographer commented that it’s ‘a really beautiful car with lovely lines, I’ve really enjoyed taking pictures of it.’ And it’s the NX’s lines that make it so distinctive, with a uniquely exciting driving experience to match. Explore the abilities of the NX for yourself with Lancaster – test drives are available now.

To take beautiful photographs of your own car, follow Alan’s advice by shooting in early morning or evening light for amazing tones. Work with reflection and light, create your own angles by moving around, and focus on the lines of the car.