A new Lexus LC 500 speeds along a quiet mountain road at night, and, as it passes, the emotive growl of the engine wakes the mountain itself. Scenes of spinning cogs and pounding pistons light up the night as the car goes speeding by.

This was the incredible video that announced the Lexus’ new flagship coupé, made even more so by the ground-breaking methods used to create the stunning imagery. No CGI was used, only real-world projection mapping used to unprecedented effect. The aim of the video is to try and give viewers a truly immersive visual and aural introduction before experiencing the car itself.

Early in the morning of the first day of the film shoot, the mountains surrounding Canjáyar reverberated with the deep roar of the Lexus LC 500’s 467bhp V8 engine as the crew began the long setup process ahead of the actual filming after dark.

After darkness fell, the projection mapping began. As this had never been attempted before, to our knowledge, improvisation was a key feature to creating the perfect image. A team from QED Productions, led by Paul Whigfield, mapped projections onto the rock by linking multiple projectors to create one unbroken image.

The sound of the LC 500’s engine then had to be recorded separately to ensure true justice was done to capture the emotive sound. To get a truly authentic sound, the capture took place away from the film set and any background noise from projectors and equipment. Once this was done, all that was left was to capture the car itself as it sped by like a dream.

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