Many people who have fallen in love with the Lexus LFA hope for a successor. Sadly, plans for this are not currently in the works. All is not lost though, with Lexus themselves showing off a newly designed concept car christened the Lexus LF-LA by designer Yang Sun.

That the public recognition of this design marks a consideration of a follow-up LFA is up to the public, meanwhile however Yang Sun explains his concept: ‘I created this concept when I moved to Los Angeles, that’s why I named this car LF-LA.’ Says Sun.

‘I got the inspiration from the shells when I went to the seaside, which makes me want to create a concept based on those beautiful forms. Since Lexus is my favourite brand, and I am trying to be a car designer, I decided to combine the brand identity and natural form together, and see what I can get from it. Creatures in the sea are amazing; their forms are perfect inspiration for transportation design.’

The resulting concept, posted fully on Behance, shows off sultry curves and classic Lexus edges to create a fluid, elegant design that echoes both the Lexus LFA and LC. The wonderfully futuristic car, though without side windows, looks completely at home among existing Lexus cars, begging the question, can Lexus make this dream a reality?

While we all wait patiently for the answer, take a look around the brand new Lexus LC 500 available at your local centre today, the closest we’ll get for now.