Did you know, safety experts estimate that 90% of fatalities on the roads are because of driver error? And that 1.3 million people died globally last year on the roads? Potentially then, finding a remedy to accidents caused by drivers on the road could make more of a difference to the population than finding a cure for certain diseases and save millions in medical and health care costs.

These advancements are on their way. Lexus have been working for several years on autonomous driving technology and a Lexus GS is now being tested on the streets of Tokyo. So how does it work? Specialised lasers, radars and sensors in the GS take over everything including steering, braking, acceleration, indicating and changing lanes on the motorway when engaged into self-driving mode using a button on the steering wheel. Enter your destination into the integrated sat nav and let the car do the rest.

But how does it know where to drive? Using GPS, the sensors in the GS can gauge the precise location of the car to an acute accuracy, meaning that spotting gaps and weaving in and out of tight spots is easy.

Lexus would like to roll out their scheme by 2020 but there are still a few kinks to be ironed out before that can happen. Keep checking back to keep up-to-date with news on self-driving vehicles.

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