The iconic paved mountain road of Transfăgărăşan, translating to ‘over’ or ‘across’, crosses the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Also known as Ceauşescu’s Folly, built as a strategic military route during the rule of Nicolae Ceauşescu, the pass has national road ranking and stretches for 56 miles, meandering through the menacing mountain range.

Michał Sztorc, Polish motoring journalist, chose it as the ideal route for his Lexus RC F Carbon test and also an ideal natural setting to highlight the car’s striking Solar Flare paintwork with exposed carbon bonnet. Reaching an altitude of 2,042 metres, Ceauşescu’s Folly is the second highest paved road in the country (after the Transalpina), connecting Transylvania and Wallachia, and was dubbed as ‘the best road in the world’ in an episode of Top Gear.

When driving from Poland to Romania, Sztorc found the mighty Japanese Sports Coupe impressively economical, no doubt assisted by the weight-saving carbon fibre panels. The head-turning, heart-stopping coupe also offered ‘truly amazing comfort’ for the duration of the journey, thanks to the beautifully crafted, heated, high-back Alcantara sports seats, which come as standard on the RC F Carbon.

Sztorc described Ceauşescu’s Folly as ‘one of the most demanding roads in Europe. And here our Lexus showed the other side of its personality. Performance from the naturally aspirated V8 was phenomenal, and with the torque vectoring differential, clever electronics and very well balanced steering, the car came together as one great package on these twisty mountain roads.’

The road is the quickest land route through the mountain range, but the challenging, snaking nature of its landscape means that the average speed is only around 25mph. The Lexus RC F Carbon took on the road’s winding bends, steep hairpin turns, long S-curves and sharp descents with ease, with Sztorc stating ‘No matter how skilled you are as a driver, the Lexus RC F Carbon made this journey even more fun. And the sound echoing off the rocky mountain walls was… just fantastic’.

Engineered for pure enjoyment, the RC F Carbon comes with limited slip-differential as standard and is one of the most amazing high performance 2+2 sports cars ever created, able to take on any road – and taking on the thrilling yet demanding Ceauşescu’s Folly expertly well exhibits just that.

To test drive the Lexus RC F Carbon for yourself, contact your local Lexus dealership and experience its race bred aerodynamics and aggressive styling for yourself.