It is easy to design a good-looking car these days, but it takes something very special to design one that has the power to make your heart skip a beat, and that’s exactly what the Lexus RC does. A photoshoot in the dynamic, urban environment of Manchester was perfect to showcase the car’s gorgeous details.

The first thing that catches the eye is the flared wheel arches and large-diameter tyres that accentuate the car’s wide stance and give it an overall sporty appearance, ready to fly off the start line at a moment’s notice.

The RC features a wider version of the iconic Lexus spindle grille, making use of a vertical rather than lateral mesh pattern for a more visually exciting look. The F Sport model showcases a spindle grille that is lower and wider than on any other Lexus model, finished with a new F-pattern mesh for a compellingly sporty look.

Inside, concealed ambient lighting gives off a truly high-class look, while seats with an integrated foam structure balance the occupants’ weight so perfectly, it’s hard to imagine a more comfortable chair. Top-of-the-range technology completes the refined interior, with a remote touch controller that vibrates when pressed for complete, hassle-free control of the multimedia system, even while driving.

The rear lenses of the car however, are something truly special; chief Lexus engineer, Eiichi Kusama, had a specific vision in mind: ‘I asked the team to make it look as if there is a sprinkle of precious stones within the lamp,’ he explains. ‘I wanted it to be lush.’

What resulted was something that had never been seen before. Tiny protrusions within concave shapes of the reflector unit are point-lit, generating a radiant accent in the light. The effect glistens seductively with the red illumination, made even more tempting when set off against Sonic Red paint.

The Lexus RC drinks in the city surroundings with perfect grace, looking at home as it streaks through the busy streets. Experience the thrill of Lexus driving for yourself with us today, and book a test drive in the RC or any of our incredible range.