Redefining the supercar for the 21st century, the limited-run Lexus LFA caused a stir when it was launched at the 41st Tokyo International Motorshow in 2010. It demonstrates the power of craftsmanship comprising 10,000 components – it’s an astonishing technical achievement, with a hand-built, 4.8-litre, V10 naturally aspirated engine at its heart.

The technology and research that were utilised in the creation of the Lexus LFA supercar have now been utilised to create something else that’s just as special: the new Lexus LC 500 and LC 500h boast exceptional dynamic performance and may even be developed for motorsport.

Chief Engineer for the Lexus LC, Koji Sato, said: ‘In the past, engineers would concentrate on specifications and performance data, but really great cars go further than this. Customers want a great experience that connects with the body and mind alike, so we focused on appealing to their senses.’

That’s why Lexus has utilised LFA technology to build an LC that offers a very rewarding experience for the driver, thanks to enhanced agility, world-class torsional stiffness, sharper, precise, linear handling and therefore, superior performance. Handling is assisted by the use of lightweight materials, including carbon-fibre, and the LC’s weight distribution, with the LC 500 balanced 52:48 front-to-rear and the LC 500h balanced at 51:49.

Supreme aerodynamic excellence has been achieved in the LC thanks to air pods positioned just in front of the rear wheels, managing airflow within the wheel arches, plus every external detail has been carefully considered to enhance aerodynamic quality.

The Lexus LC coupé has been tested extensively in various settings, including on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife, German Autobahns and country roads, with thrilling results.

This marks the beginning of a new Lexus era. Register your interest in this sublime creation to make sure that you’re part of it.