Next year’s hottest new car, the Lexus LC, has begun its six month long tour of Europe, a teaser to its arrival in dealerships in spring 2017.

Kicking off in style, the LC demonstrated the iconic roar of its V8 engine in Madrid before travelling to Amsterdam to make an unforgettable appearance in the sky. In a herculean feat involving cranes and an immense amount of nerve, the LC made an exclusive appearance at the Double Tree Hilton hotel’s Sky Lounge, one of the tallest buildings in Amsterdam.

In an evening full of unique experiences, including performances from Dutch illusionist Viktor Mids and caviar-sprinkled chips, the Lexus LC shone at the centre of attention. The exclusive event truly embodied Lexus’ mantra of ‘Creating Amazing’, something that Mids was quick to agree with, saying ‘I think there’s a pretty nice overlap between sharing the emotion of amazement with any products, for instance cars, and my illusions because they share the same common goal – letting people experience this wonderful emotion.’

Next stop for the LC was the famous Nürburgring, where it flaunted its capabilities in the pre-race Prologue, the prestigious parade used by many to show off their best cars. It was the perfect arena for the LC to show off, and it certainly shone as one of the brightest cars there. The next stop was the ‘Ring Boulevard’, where the LC remained on show throughout the event.

Moving on, the Lexus LC next stopped in Cologne for a picturesque photoshoot, with the next leg taking it to the UK for some special plans at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Lexus LC will be released in the spring of 2017, but if you can’t wait until then to get your hands on a Lexus, why not have a look at our current range of new and used cars at Jardine Motors now?