F Sport trim packages are becoming hugely popular among Lexus owners – 50% of those who purchased a GS or IS chose the F Sport model, with 30% of those who opting for the NX compact cross and 34% of those opting for the CT 200h hybrid hatchback being sold with the F Sport kit. In September this year, 71% of RC coupes sold came with an F Sport package.

So why has the F Sport been so successful? F Sport trims add so much to a car, not only in looks but in performance. Just this year, 77,495 Lexus F Sport models have rolled out of dealerships.

Depending on the model of Lexus, F Sport packages can vary. However, they largely feature better wheels trims, bigger bumpers, sport-tuned suspension, Sport+ drive model mode and adaptive suspension (on some models).

Tom Libby, Analyst at IHS Automotive said, "Lexus' focus on performance makes a lot of sense given the inherent performance angle of the Germans. Lexus needs to do that because brands like Audi and BMW already have a less-subdued image."

Brian Bolain, Marketing Manager for Lexus said, "The marketing only works now because we have the product to back it up. For years we tried to do interesting marketing, but it's a bit disingenuous until you have a product that makes good on it."

To test drive one of the latest F Sport models, head to your local Lexus Centre today.